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St. Patrick's Day Parade Dublin
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Irish Defence Forces Veteran’s News is an Open page and is opened to all, it is a Veterans information portal of the Irish Defence Forces Veterans Associations and the public face of this Association. We bring you veterans news and the events from all over the country and abroad. This is an open newsgroup and we must respect others opinion and values as they must respect ours, to this end we have a strong filter added to the page and will not tolerate homophobically, Races, or any type of Bullying (Any type)
We are none political and have no political aims or interests just reporting the news as it relates to the wider veteran’s community.
If you have any news or events please don’t haste to contact us at news@idfvn.com

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Irish Defence Forces Veterans News, is an independent news and media portal of the Irish Defence Forces Community,  more……


IDFVA recent trip to Brussels

On the 5th of November 2019


St Patrick’s Veterans Festival Week From the 14th of March 2020 to 19th March 2020 Dublin to Cashel

Deceased Members

2nd Field Artillery Associations Annual Deceased Members Mass

Veterans Day

The Second Annual Irish Defence Forces Veterans News Awards

St Patrick's Day

Throughout the year we bring you the Photos and news of different Veterans Outings

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